Handbook of Marine Mammals. Volume 6: the second book of dolphins and porpoises

For those who have been following my blog, you might have wondered why I didn’t translate the previous articles about books. Thing is, as they are French written books, I didn’t think it was relevant to translate them. Besides, I knew I would be talking about some English written books eventually.
In fact, some of you have been asking me more details about the books I present in the page “about” of my blog. So, I’ve done my homework and here it goes:

The first book I am going to tell you about is: “Handbook of Marine Mammals, volume 6: the second book of dolphins and porpoises”.


Here’s a list of all the other volumes:
1. The walrus, sea lions, fur seals and sea otter
2. Seals
3. The sirenians and baleen whales
4. River dolphins and the larger toothed whales
5. The first book of dolphins

This is a highly detailed manual. As it is quite expensive, I do not own any other volumes, although I wouldn’t mind having the third, fourth and fifth volume!


Each species is described very specifically. Which genus or species a cetacean belongs to, its name, distribution, morphology or external characteristics, internal anatomy, population dynamics, growth and reproduction, behavior, diseases, human effects, etc. You can find all there is to know about any species of cetaceans in this book. The only thing it is lacking is more illustrations. There are few schemes or actual pictures of the cetaceans presented in this book. I would say it’s its only flaw.


Nevertheless, it is still a very good book. If any of you want to purchase it, click here.

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